January 27, 2023


India is geographically the seventh largest country in the world and second world’s most populous country. But in diversity there is no doubt that India leads at the top position. India has hundreds of languages, customs and traditions that vary from one region to another. At present, India has 29 states and 7 union territories. When everything changes in a few miles, how can dresses remain same in the country? The country with their diverse clothing styles and patterns as well in different states show its real diversity.

Location wise clothing in India is not new. In ancient times as well people of different parts of India used to wear different types of outfits. Due to the enhancement in communication thru media, television and internet, it has become easier to be aware of other states’ outfits. The mix culture of India has adopted state wise clothing as well. For example, earlier Patiala suit was mainly famous in Punjab, but nowadays girls from all across India love to wear Patiala suit.

Region Wise Clothing In India

Let’s figure out different dresses in different states of India below:


Women wear a 9 yard saree that can be found in various colors and designs. Mainly this clothing is worn in festivals and special occasions. Marathi men usually wear dhoti kurta, commonly in white color. Fishermen go to fishing with comfortable dhoti kurta in the sea.

Tamil Nadu:

Kanchipuram saree is very popular in Tamil Nadu. The sari is 5-6 yard long with a pallu. To wear this saree, women need to tie the clothing properly around their waist. The wearing style of saree also varies from one state to another state in India. Men mostly wear lungi in Tamil Nadu.


Women love to wear pheran, which is the most popular Kashmiri traditional clothing. It is like a loose shirt. The dress is worn with a traditional cap. Men wear a skull cap with kurta pyjama in Kashmir region.


The vibrant and colorful dresses of Rajasthan look stunning. Women wear Kurti, Ghaghra and Choli with Odhani. Ghaghra is like a long skirt that comes in different patterns and styles to choose from. Men in Rajasthan wear an attractive turban along with unique kurta different from other parts of India.


Mekhela (long skirt) is the most popular dress for women in Assam. The two piece garment has an attractive look which is beautifully draped around the waist with pleats. Mekhela is either made of paat or muga. During Bihu festival, dancers wear Mekhela. Men in Assam wear simple kurta and pyjama during Bihu dance.


Dresses for women in Haryana include Damaan (a long ankle length shirt), kurti (a type of shirt) and Chunder (a cloth that covers head).


Mundum neriyathum is the main clothing for women in Kerala. The dress has two pieces of cloth, beautifully designed to fit the personality of an individual. Men in Kerala usually wear lungi.


Chaniya is a colorful petticoat type of wear beautifully embroidered with stunning glass work. It is worn with a choli (blouse), odhani or polku. Men wear dhotis, kurtas or bandis in Gujarat.


Women love to wear phulkari, a traditional dress in Punjab. The unique patterns of the clothing have something exclusive for women. Punjabi men wear kurta pyjama and a turban.


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