January 25, 2023


Traditional clothing of India is very popular throughout the world. People from all across the globe seek different types of Indian clothing through online and offline mediums. Men’s clothes in India are also in huge demand. Indian clothing for men vary from one part in the country to other. Outsiders usually become confused among a number of outfits.

While choosing any Indian mens clothing, make sure to first check out what it is called. In this post, I am going to share the names of men’s clothing in India.

Dhoti – A long cloth tied around the waist.
Panche or Lungi – Lungi is mainly worn in South India. Just like dhoti, lungi is a long cloth for men.
Achkan/Sherwani – Worn in parties or wedding ceremony, sherwani is an attractive men’s outfit.
Bandhgala – A pair of traditional coat and pant that look amazing when worn in a proper way.
Angarkha – It is an upper garment.
Jama – It is like a traditional coat.
Headgear – Different types of headgears are found in India such as dastar, Pheta, Mysore Peta, Rajasthani safa and Gandhi cap.


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