January 28, 2023


An appropriate getup is necessary for India to move around comfortably and relish the country’s great culture with its clothing. I’m an Indian and I know what you should wear and what to avoid. I always wear a right outfit and also suggest my friends and close companions do so.

One of my readers who is planning to visit Indian in few days has just dropped me a message stating that he wants to know what he and his girlfriend should wear and what should not war in India. Then, I thought to come up with this blog post.

First of all, it is important to understand that the society of India has a conservative mind-set. Women can be seen covered from head to toe. However, conservation is not prevalent everywhere. In big cities, guys and girls can be seen wearing western outfits and showcasing their lively lifestyle. As India is a huge country with so many cultures, traditions, customs, religions, and languages, its diversity can also be seen in its clothing.

Various types of wearing sarees can also be seen. Some are worn with nothing visible. On the other hand, some sarees are worn with V shape and open back blouses that look hot.

I have seen many sexy women in different parts of India wearing traditional clothing like lehenga choli, saree and kurta salwar still their curvy figure is visible. The conservative people say that western dresses are seductive but I say that Indian clothes are more seductive. Whenever I saw any girl wearing such clothing walking on the street, I get amazed of her natural beauty in the stunning outfit.

You’ll surely come across some stunning beauties wearing striking outfits with backless blouses and attractive designs. Bollywood style apparels are well-known for their glamour. Bollywood actors and actresses can be seen wearing mixed and modern outfits.

Youngsters can be seen wearing western clothing. This is not due to Bollywood but Hollywood. Young guys and girls follow Hollywood movies and closely observe their celebrities.

Boys and girls in the big cities like Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore can be seen wearing party wear and visiting clubs at the late nights. Their broad-minded thinking makes them apart from the conservative minds.

Two Types of India

I can see two types of India. First one is very conservative that follows all traditional values and stick to the basis. It has no scope for the outer cultures. Girls wear full-length clothing in this India. On the other hand, I can see a modern India of 21st century that follows the western culture. In this India, girls are allowed to do all those things that boys can do. Even there is no restriction on girls to choose their outfits. They can wear whatever they like and roam around.

Many fashion designers have also experimented the mixed Indo-Western clothes. But, I don’t like any modification in the traditional Indian clothes as they appear outstanding in their true appearance. Let’s traditional be the traditional clothing. There are certain outfits that should be leaved like that.


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