January 26, 2023


Garhwal is a division of Uttarakhand, the northern state of India. Surrounded by the hilly area, the beautiful area has its own charm. The native people have their exclusive culture, customs and traditions. Their clothing also varies according from other parts of the country. I am also a Garhwali guy and I love to wear its traditional outfits.

Traditional Clothing for Men In Garhwal

Men like to wear simple outfit in the hilly areas such as long kurta, shirt, pyjama, a round cap, sadri (a type of jacket) and other stuff. Woollen jackets are also famous in the cold weather conditions of hills.

Traditional Clothing for Women In Garhwal

Women usually wear saree, Angra (a type of jacket) and woollen clothing as Garhwal mainly remains cold. Orhni is also worn by females in the hilly area. Females of the region are known for doing hard work in mountains. So, they wear proper clothing that protects them from cold as well as other things in mountains.

Girls generally wear Salwar Kamiz with Dupatta. Phantu (a type of scarf) is also famous among girls.


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