January 26, 2023


Time and again, people in India come up with their point of view about women’s wearing. They give statement classifying the clothes of females. In rape cases, they say the girl was wearing the short western clothing and it aroused the intimate feeling of guys and forced them to rape her. Such shameful statements are often from even politicians and big personalities. This shows the mentality of citizens. Nobody has right to raise their finger on girls for their dresses. India has a civil society, wherein everybody is free to do whatever he/she can.

By Wearing Western Wears Girls Are Hurting Traditional Values

Who will decide what all rights women have to wear anything? Why people are biased with girl? Who has given freedom to boys to wear whatever they want? If the society and its citizens think that girls are a soft target, they are mistaken. In today’s era, educated and advanced girls can wear and do whatever they wish to. In villages, girls are bit restricted because of their typical traditions. People have some core values and sentiments when it comes to women’s respect. But, wearing western clothing does not mean a girl is wrong or she is involved in bad activities. Even saree or lehenga sometimes looks hotter than skirt.

Girls Are Free To Wear Whatever They Want

Every girl has right to wear anything she wants and showcases her body. There is no compulsion or mandatory dress code for normal citizens. Whether it is traditional Indian clothing or western wear, the girl can dress up anything as per her desires. Activists usually protest in favor of girls and stay with them. It is necessary because with time, we have to change. This can only help in developing a free mindset to live comfortably and make a healthy society. Empower woman and she’ll empower the society. Don’t restrict her in walls. Let her fly and chase her dreams and then only we can become a good society to live in.


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