January 29, 2023


I just got married 6 months and its memories are still new. I wore a stone pelted sherwani in my marriage and looked good. I could not believe that I can better in Indian groom’s dress. I was lucky that my wife helped me in shopping and bought sherwani for me. The shopkeeper also made kurta pyjama along with the wedding outfit. He took my body’s size and designed the kurta pyjama for me. It simply looked awesome for me. I am really glad to share my wedding photos wearing sherwani.

If I could have worn coat paint or any other outfit on my wedding day, I might not look that attractive. I know my personality and this is the reason why I opted for a perfect sherwani for me as per my face structure and body’s colour. Light golden coloured groom’s sherwani made my special day unforgettable. 


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