January 23, 2023


If your wedding is approaching and you are planning to buy an attractive gown for the wedding reception, you can browse through several choices. In this write-up, I’ll give in-depth details about the wedding gown that you can think of purchasing to make your marriage reception unforgettable.

1. Say Yes to a modern dress like gown 

Though marriage in India is a traditional affair in which elderly people play a big role, it is important to know needs. If you think that a beautiful gown will appear good in you in your reception, you should go for it.

2. Avoid strapless gown, if you have never tried strapless clothes

The reception day would be a memorable one like the wedding day. So, you need to be comfortable by wearing the suitable outfit. Wear the strapless gown only when it feels comfy to you.

3. If the gown does not appear suitable at the store, never assume that it’ll be a great option for you

The first impression matters a lot in buying clothing as well. It tells about your real need that you want or not. So, look at the gown the store and make a selection of buying it or not as per your requirement.

4. An in-house seamstress can help in your shopping

In-house seamstresses regularly deal with different clients and help them buy the best clothing for their wedding ceremonies. You can also ask some suitable questions and take suggestions from an in-house seamstress.

5. Keep in mind the Indian traditions and customs 

If your family is open-minded, you can be as bold and sexy as you want. However, the Indian traditions and customs sometimes don’t allow a bride to go extremely hot in front of family members including old people as well. But, the wedding reception will be your special day so you can be bold but keeping your culture in mind.

6. The location of the wedding reception matters

Ensure to find out whether the reception will be organized in a closed hall, hotel or in an open area like a ground. You need to buy the gown according to the location so that it suits you and you appear stunning. Lighting in the area also plays a big role because the lights are going to make your dress appear good or awesome.

7. Groom’s outfit should match with your dress

These days, many couples shop together for their wedding ceremonies. Both the bride and groom’s clothes should match properly to make them a perfect couple.


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