January 29, 2023


India is a land of diversity where you can find different traditions, cultures, religions and festivals. India showcases the fashion trends of its every state and people love to wear exclusive outfits. Though the western clothing has done comprehensively good in the Indian markets, the ethnic fashion also changes over the period of time. I am showing some trendy fashions in India that can perfectly match your needs.

Big Bindi

The traditional big bindi appears good with the ethnic wears like salwar suit, saree and others. Film actresses have worn these big bindi in Bollywood movies which has made it famous.

Fusion Saree

Gorgeous Bollywood divas love to wear fusion saree and people follow them. Fusion saree designs are experimented in by these stars and they became famous.

Golden Choker Necklace

The traditional Golden Choker Necklace would look awesome in you. However, it is a costly jewelry that you should think before buying.

Indo-Western Clothing

The Indo-western outfits are highly demanded these days by Indian women. They love to adorn such traditional clothing with the western touch.

Layering Trend

Wearing salwar suit or saree with an attractive jacket, shirts and capes is a good to try out. Women look good in the mixture of the traditional outfit with the western wear.

Sharara Salwars

The Sharara Salwars have more pleats that are in trends these days. Girls go gaga by wearing such outfits.


In Padmavat movie Deepika Padukone got the beautiful unibrows which appear fabulous. The stunning unibrows become trendy after this movie and now you can see many girls with this fashionable makeup.

Antique Silver Nose Pin

It is a tiny but attractive nose pin. Wearing the antique silver nose pin can simply make you look awesome.


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