January 30, 2023


Every woman waits for her wedding day, which is the most pleasurable day in her life. To make this day special, you can wear attractive clothing. Indian brides wear saree, lehenga or other beautiful dresses to look fabulous. A good dress can glow your face as well and boost your confidence that can add extra fun to your marriage. Here I am going to show some of the latest trends that can inspire brides and give them several good options.

Bridal Dress By Sabyasachi Mukherji

Sabyasachi is a famous fashion designer who has designed for the wedding of many famous personalities. He designed a beautiful silk sherwani for Virat Kohli and pink lehenga for Anushka Sharma. He has also designed wedding dresses for other big names in the Bollywood industry. You can take an idea from his costume and go for any local designer and ask me to make your wedding dress inspired by Sabyasachi’s designs.

Ravishing Bridal Dress In Red Color

Red is the most prominent color for Hindu brides. Most of the Hindu brides like to adorn red-colored saree or lehenga to look ravishing diva.

Be A Princess of The Fairy Tale

If you always wanted to become like a princess of the fairy tale, you can make this dream come true on your wedding day. Get a getup of a fairy tale princess and showcase your style to the world.

A Beautiful Tarun Tahiliani Bride

He is not only known for his exclusive collections but wedding dresses as well. He designed a beautiful dress for Jemima Khan who married the former Cricketer and now the prime minister of Pakistan Imran Khan. Tarun Tahiliani has also designed so many wedding costumes for other VIP personalities.

Diva In Ruffle Dress

Though wearing a ruffle dress may look a bit modern in the traditional wedding rituals, it can be designed by keeping the customs or wedding ceremonies. Wedding is not a one-day event in India. There are many ceremonies like haldi, sangeet, reception, bachelor’s party, pre-wedding cocktail party, etc. You can think of wearing the ruffle dress in any wedding ceremony as per your comfort.

Charisma of Kanjeevaram Silk Saree

You can become a queen in an astonishing Kanjeevaram silk sari. The outfit can glow your personality and give you the incredible feeling.

The Royal Look

Yes, it is possible to showcase regal attire and become a royal bride. Get a fashion designer to the job for you and wear an incredibly hot royal costume.

Outstanding Celebrity Bride

You just need to wear a costume like a celebrity in her wedding. Ensure to not copy her completely because it’s your day and you should look different from everyone else.

The Elegant Green Attire

Wearing a green costume is also in trend. Muslim brides mostly prefer wearing a green costume on their wedding day.

The Beguiling Beauty In Blue

In any of your wedding ceremony, you can try out a green suit salwar or long dress. This gives a positive feeling and can put a big smile on your face.

Vibrant Bridal Look

Getting some vibrant colors in your costume can also be a good option that you can try out.

Glow In The Love 

If you are really in love with your expected husband, you should look for his suggestion as well while choosing a bridal dress. He is going to be the most special man in your life and his advice is really valuable.

Blossom The Reserved Charm

Shy girls can look for that clothing that coy their charm and suit them best. Your innocence would reflect in your clothing as well and you appear outstanding. People who come to your wedding would surely get impressed with your dress selection.

Poised Poser 

To get photos with different poses which is obvious on the wedding day, you require a comfortable outfit. Photographers do take so many photos and ask both the bride and groom to make various positions. So, you have to keep this aspect in your mind as well and then buy the bridal clothing.

Golden Colored Clothing

The attractiveness of the golden dress is amazing. You can wear a beautiful golden saree, lehenga or other traditional clothing with a modern touch on your special day.

The Grace of Pristine Pastel Bride

When it comes to showcasing your good personality to the world, you should look neat and clean with a suitable colored outfit. This can happen on your wedding day by getting a perfect dress.

Simplicity At Its Best

Though it is your marriage and you need to look different, don’t forget simplicity in between. There is no match of simplicity that you should always keep in your mind and showcase your appearance in your way.


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