January 28, 2023


Saree is really a great wardrobe outfit for Indian women. In special occasions, females wear exclusive sarees with a designer blouse to show their class. If you are planning to stitch a stunning blouse for your newly bought saree, give a try to some readymade designer sarees. Pairing these sarees with the latest blouse designs is simply outstanding.

You can get ideas for the latest blouses from models, celebs and online shopping websites. I have already done a deep research about these blouses and you don’t need to look at several places to find some best neck blouses. Getting the latest know-how about these neck blouse designs is something that can give you various choices. Let’s have a look at these neck blouse designs!

Beautiful Blouse Neck Designs That You Can Check Out

Sleeveless saree blouses and spaghetti straps have become outdated. Now, Indian women are seeking something new to make their appearance in saree like never before. Be a fashionista and wear the latest fashion blouses to inspire other women nearby you.

1. Long Blouse

Women who are not comfortable in wearing short or sleeveless blouses can go for long blouses. The long blouses are back in trend and making a good mark in the fashion industry in India. Pair it up with a plan or designer sari as per the suitability of the blouse. You can wear it at festivals or parties too.

2. Zipper Blouse

The stylish zipper blouses are designed by getting inspired by sports bras. These bras have a zip either at the front or the back side. It is easy to wear and comfortable to carry.

3. High Neck Blouse

Wearing high neck blouse is simply a good fun. It is trendy these days and getting popular among females. High neck blouses are available in full sleeve, half sleeve and sleeveless. These can be worn in parties, festivals, wedding and other events.

4. Geometric Pattern Blouse

The fashionable geometric pattern blouses have beautiful patterns. Such blouses are beautifully embroidered and good to wear with plain sarees. The stylish blouse can give you a bold look.

5. Off-Shoulder Neck Blouse

It’s a time to show your stunning shoulders by wearing off-shoulder neck blouse. The vogue of off-shoulder blouses is making it standalone. You can wear it with a plan, embellished or printed saree. It is good to wear for the wedding of your best friend.

6. Bell Sleeves Blouse

Though bell sleeves are not new, they can’t be ignored. It can be either short or long but well-fitted all across the arms. It flares to the bottom which makes it a style blouse design. You can wear bell sleeves blouse with any saree you want. It is ideal for engagement party and wedding ceremonies like sangeet and even you can wear it to kitty parties.

7. Fringes Blouse

Wearing fringes blouse is really a special feeling. Fashion designers add fringes to the top of the blouse and also around the neckline. The fringes are also added at the hem of the pallu. Stylish fringes blouse is good to try out in a party.

8. Chocker Neck Blouse

The stylish chocker neck blouse is inspired by the choker tops, in which a choker neckline is attached to the neck. It simply looks too hot. V-neck choker neckline has also become popular these days that you can try out. Choker neck blouses are sleeved as well sleeveless.

9. Raglan Sleeveless Blouse

Wearing raglan sleeveless blouse is really a great fun because it is new to females. Wear fashionable earrings and other jewels with the raglan sleeves blouse and look fascinating. The latest blouse design can simply make your stylish.

10. Capes Blouse

Capes designer blouses are in trend. Designer and plan capes are there in the market. Capes blouses are both short and long. You can easily pair it up with different sarees. Capes blouses are good marriages in the winter season.

11. Jackets Blouse

Embellished and beautifully embroidered jacket types of blouses are worn in winter with saree. Jackets are long and its collections are hip long and sometimes reach to the floor. The trendy jacket design is highly attractive and can draw the attention of others.

12. Cut-Out Neck Blouse

A combination of western and ethnic look is there in cut-out blouse. Cut-out blouses are fashionable and good to wear on your wedding anniversary and parties. Find cut-out neck in embellished or plain designs. It can be worn in various types of sarees.

13. Illusion Neckline Blouse

The designer illusion neckline blouse is inspired by gowns. A sheer is designed with fabric that moves over the neckline. It is perfect to wear with a sheer saree.

14. Extra Long Sleeves Blouse

The trend of extra long sleeves in blouses has become very common. Old women, of course, don’t go for such modern blouse design but yes young women definitely try it out. It is fast-forwarded trend of blouses in India. This blouse can look awesome in semi-formal events like a cocktail party. The extra long sleeves are getting trendy because of its catchy look.

15. Sheer Blouse

If you want to look extremely hot in a saree, wear it with a sheer blouse. It appears really attractive. A full sheer blouse is eye-catchy and good to wear in vibrant parties.

16. Crisscross Neckline Blouse

The classy crisscross neckline blouse is designed in diverse patterns. It can improve your overall appearance and boost your confidence. The crisscross pattern can be done at front or back of the blouse. Try out this trendy blouse and wear it on some special occasions.

17. Ruffles Blouse

Stylish ruffles blouses are in vogue and such items are listed on shopping web portals. Celebs also wear ruffles a lot. Fashion designers are coming up with the stunning ruffles. Both sleeved and sleeveless ruffles are available to opt for. Pair it up with a saree and you’ll surely look gorgeous.

18. Strappy Neck Blouse

The sexy strappy neck blouses are really hot and women with broad-minded thinking would love to wear such latest designer stuff. The attractive straps in the blouse are very good-looking. It can be worn with different types of sarees.

19. Strapless Blouse

Get a bold look with a strapless blouse. Show off your beautiful shoulders by wearing a strapless blouse with a stylish outfit. It can be worn at parties and fashion events.


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