January 28, 2023


Kodagu is a district in the Karnataka which is also called as Coorg. Its traditional outfits are unique and simply look attractive. Wearing the stylish clothing is something that can give you the ultimate pleasure. You can simply browse through the details of several Coorg dresses and make a right selection. In case you are looking for Kodagu clothing online, you can find many ecommerce companies, retailers, wholesalers and other market players.

Coorg Clothing for Women

Beautiful Coorgi saree is popular for its exclusive draping pattern. The saree pleats and pallu are designed in such a way that they match perfectly while wearing. Lehenga choli, suit salwar and other Indian traditional clothes for women are also common in this part of the country.

Specialty of Coorg SareeĀ 

The Coorg style draping is exclusive, representing the rich culture of this part of South India. The pleats of saree which commonly remain at the front in other types of sarees, but here these pleats stay at the back of the waist. The stunning fabrics are used to design the stylish outfits such as satin, silk, etc.

Coorg Clothing for Men

The traditional clothing for men in Coorg includes dhoti kurta, pajama, turban (pagari), sherwani, etc. Westernization has also impacted the life of individuals and given lots of scope to them to come up with the unique collections.

Kodava people who live in Coorg love to wear traditional as well modern clothing. They are ready to adopt new fashion too. Kodava attires are unique. Men wear wraparound robes known as Kupya. Men also keep knives with them during marriages and dance with them.

Though some of the outfits of Coorg are similar to other parts of India, the patterns and designs differ in them. You can certainly make a good mark and find a difference in the clothing itself. In South India, there are many fashion designers who come up with the unique collections and try to showcase their best work. These renowned fashion designers have also come up with some creative collections for Coorg clothing.


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