January 29, 2023


If you are confused in what to wear in Navratri garba dance, no need to worry as there are so many traditional outfits that you can check out. Beautiful dresses for Navratri garba are available in various online and offline stores. Buying a suitable outfit as per your pocket is also essential. So, before jumping into any attire, make sure to first examine its alternatives designs and patterns.

Navratri Garba Dress For Men

Dhoti kurta with a half sleeve jacket is perfect for garba dance. Men can easily wear it and move their legs as per their comfort. Kediyu and Kafni Pajama can also give you a traditional look and make you look a typical Gujarati. Guajarati garba dress online shopping is also done in a large number by both male and female.

Men wear turban along with the clothing. Colorful turbans are available to wear. Yellow, red, green are some of the common colors of garba turban.

Men wear ethnic kedia with dhoti or pyjama with a necklace and bracelet. Men also like to wear some jewels designed especially for the traditional garba dance.

If boys are not wearing turban, they tie their head with a colorful chunni or dupatta. Covering of head is important for both men and women as per the customs and traditions.

Kediyu and Kafni Pajama

Navratri Garba Dress For Women

Gujarati chaniya choli Navratri is known for its uniqueness. The outfit simply looks great in girls. Simple chaniya choli for Navratri also appears good in girls. Go through the navratri chaniya choli collection before buying anyone of them. As per your budget, make a right selection and get the best item.

Women also adorn odhani, bandhani and chaniya choli for garba dance. The stylish traditional dresses provide a unique appearance to ladies.

Women put on stunning bangles, necklaces, earnings and waist belts as well. Jewelries improve the overall look of females and give them confidence.

Girls also put on chunni over their head and pin it up tightly so that it does not get off while dancing.  The fun of traditional dance is simply amazing that you cannot get in hardcore music. So, try wearing traditional outfits during these days and enjoy some time with your family or friends.

Garba Bandhani

Garba Chaniya Choli

Garba Odhani

Find a number of traditional Gujarati chaniya choli online and browse their details thoroughly. This would give you a good idea about the conventional dresses. Ensure to examine the relevant information about these outfits and make a right move. Viewing Navratri chaniya choli with price is a right pick that you can check out exclusively.

Dandiya sticks are made of wooden which make melodious noise. Boys and girls practice a lot before getting familiarity with the dance. While choosing dandiya sticks the color combination of outfits is also kept in mind to get the perfect look.

For all nine days of Navratri, you can plan of wearing different dresses. Garba night has special songs that guys and girls enjoy and dance passionately. To make the night lively, attractive getup is also needed. This can happen easily by wearing the quality set of clothing. Orange, yellow, pink and red and other bright colored dresses are mainly worn by the garba dancers.

Gujarat is the main hub for garba dance. Gujarati customs have some set patterns for wearing specific clothes. Fashion designers also come up with the latest collection for garba dance that are good to check out.

Garba clothes are not only famous in India but other parts of the world as well. Gujarati community is in large number in western countries. In the USA, Canada and the UK and other European countries, many garba events are organized wherein the dancers wears the traditional clothing. Raas Garba competitions are organized in garba nights in different places. 


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