January 30, 2023


The ethnic look that you can wear after adorning the traditional outfits is amazing. The cultural diversity from one state to another In India is something that can give you various choices. Diverse fashions, cuisines and languages of the country are going to offer you astonishing ways to showcase your look. Here is a look at some of the stylish outfits of different Indian states that you can check out.


Men wear a turban called Pagri, which is a symbol of social status. Angrakha and Dhoti Pyjamas are other traditional clothing for men in Rajasthan. Women of the state wear Ghaghara & Choli, Odhni and other outfits along with beautiful jewelries.


Women of the state wear Sarees. Karnataka is known for producing Kanjivaram and Kanchipuram silk in a broad range. Men of the state wear Lungi with Angavastram.

Jammu and Kashmir

A northern state of India is a hub of diverse communities and religions. The traditional outfits also vary. Women love to wear beautiful Pherans that both Muslim and Hindu females consider. The variety for Pherans varies. Though Muslim Pherans has broad knee length sleeves, Hindu Pherans has narrow sleeves. Muslim women wear it with Abaya or along with a headdress and Hindu women wear it with a headdress known as Taranga. The traditional outfits of Jammu and Kashmir are popular for their bright colors.

West Bengal

The females of West Bengal wear sarees made of different materials like chiffon, Taant cotton, silk, etc. The draping methods of wearing sarees are also so many and originated in the capital of the state i.e. Kolkata. White saree having a red border is popular in many religious festivals.


Men wear Dhoti with Pheta, whereas women wear sarees with Choli. They wear headdresses made of wool, silk or cotton which is called as Pagadi. The costume of Maharashtra has diverse ranges as well that you can evaluate.


Mundu is popular ethnic wear of Kerala worn usually by men. It is similar to Lungi. Women wear both formal and casual wears. The unique embellishments of the outfits look highly impressive. Sarees are also worn a lot by females in the state made of Benarasi Silk and Kanchipuram Silk.

Uttar Pradesh

Women of the state commonly wear Salwar Kameez. The unique style of the bottom wear is known Churidar invented in the state. Females also wear a wide range of sarees with exclusive embellishments. Men of the state wear Kurta Pajama with a headgear called Pagri or Topi. During special occasions and festivals, men wear Sherwani.


Salwar Kameez boasting Churidar are usually worn by Punjabi women. Patiala Salwar originated in the state. The stylish clothing with an elegant Dupatta offers elegant color. The females of the state also adorn Ghagra. Men wear a diverse range of Kurta Pajamas. Pagri is a headgear worn by Sikh people. Juti is also common in Punjab.


The vibrant clothing of Assam is available in varied choices. Tribes of different regions have diverse ethnic clothing in the northeastern state of India. Find an exclusive range of variations of Mekhela worn by men along with dhoti. Females of Bodo Tribe adorn themselves with Mekhela with a chadar. Females of Thai Phake Tribe adorn themselves in a striped girdle known as Chiarchin. Several traditional outfits of the state are made of silk like Golden Muga, Eri and Paat are used to produce Mekhelas and Sarees.


Men in Gujarat wear Kurta and Churidar Pajamas with lively a turban. Women of the state wear Chaniyo and Choli, embroidered exclusively. The traditional outfit is worn a lot during Navratri. Dupatta worn along with it is known as Odhni.


Women mostly wear Salwar Kameez in diverse patterns. Zardozi embroidery is also featured that you can think of taking into consideration. Men enjoy wearing Sherwani and Kurta Pajama. Delhi is a metropolitan city and people from all parts of the country live here. So, it has a mixed tradition. You can find people of all states in Delhi, wearing diverse clothing.


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