January 25, 2023


Millions of people visit India throughout the year by getting attracted to its rich culture, monuments, old civilization, diverse religions, languages, people and clothes. Travelers love to adorn the traditional Indian outfits and showcase their unique appearance.

Local customs in India can help you get a travel wardrobe in the country that can make your trip amazing. Clicking your photographs in traditional Indian clothing is such a great experience that can give you unbelievable fun. Men and women-friendly traditional outfits in India have a lot to give you and make your journey remarkable.

Clothes To Wear For Women In India

Saris – The traditional clothing is found in a wide variety and range. You can simply browse the details of such an outfit by knowing its detail. Made in different materials, sarees are adorable clothing that you can wear to look exclusive.

Scarves – Finding scarves is easy in the country which girls wear different types of clothing.

Long Skirts – The trend of wearing long skirts is not new to India. Lehenga is a type of famous long skirt worn exclusively by females.

Leggings – If you are comfortable to wear leggings, just wear it with a kurti and move around. Building your personality with exclusive leggings is something that could transform your point of view.

Cotton Blouses – To wear a saree, you need a blouse as well. A cotton blouse can help you look different and give you an incredible appearance.

Jewellery – India is known for importing lots of gold and converts it into different types of jewelries. But, you can wear beautiful artificial jewelries as well and enhance your glow.

Genie Pants – Lose genie pants are exclusive to wear. Adorning the unique type of pant is something that can give you a great appearance. So, simply give try to such type of pants and make it appear magnificent.

Shoes – Punjabi jutti and other footwear are popular and offering exclusive range of shoes that individuals can wear comfortably.

Lehenga – The traditional clothing is worn on special occasions like weddings, parties, festivals, etc.

Kurta Salwar – It is a daily wear that most females wear as per their comfort.

Makeup – Beautifying yourself with eyeliner, concealer, mascara, bronzer, powder and others can give you an amazing glow. Indian women wear a lot of makeup to give an improved look at their appearance and showcase their incredible charm.

Clothes To Wear For Men In India

Dhoti Kurta – A common wear that guys can be seen wearing regularly.

Sherwani – It is worn in special events like marriage, festivals, etc.

Headgear – Pagari is worn by men is known for the prestige and status.

Nehru Jacket – Famous from its unique jacket style, Nehru jacket is very popular throughout the country.

Khadi Wears – A wide range of khadi wears is available to choose from that can help you determine the better wearing choices.

Bandhgala Jacket – This type of jacket can be worn with a kurta.

Tee With Jodhpuris – Enhancing your look with a tee with jodhpuris is simply awesome that you can think of considering.

Sherwani with Churidaar – Get an embroidered Sherwani with Churidaar that you can wear often to add a bloomy look to your personality.

Dhoti Pants – Finding exclusive dhoti pants is another good choice that you can consider. Palazzo pants are also known for their unique styles and designs that you can try out once.


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