January 23, 2023


Leh Ladakh is the newly created union territory of India, which is located in the northern part of the country in the Himalayas. The cold weather condition of the region has made people wear winter clothing throughout the year.

The beautiful landscapes of the region have a lot to offer. Tourists like to visit Leh Ladakh to explore the beauty of nature and also interact with the locals. Wearing the traditional attires of the place can make you look stunning.

Traditional Clothing of Leh Ladakh For Men

Men usually wear a woolen robe known as ‘Goucha’. The costume is worn around the waist and the neck with a designer and colored sash known as ‘Skerag’. This dress represents the essence of life in Leh Ladakh.

Traditional Clothing of Leh Ladakh For Women

Women also wear a robe like ‘Goucha’ known as ‘Kuntop’. The colorful shawl is also worn on the backside to carry parcels and children. It is worn in the back to carry the heavy load.

Headgears, textiles, spendthrift jewelry and even clothing made of animal furs are very popular among men and women in Leh Ladakh. Dissimilarities in dresses of Leh and Ladakh are also visible.


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