January 24, 2023


Kargil is a beautiful town in the Kargil district in Ladakh. The northern region of India is known for its great natural climate. The cold weather condition of the area leads its inhabitants to wear winter clothes throughout the year.

Both men and women of Kargil wear a diverse range of costumes. The yak’s fur is used to make clothes that remain warm and give a cosy feeling.  Buddhists and Shia Muslims are in majority in Kargil and their clothing choices also vary a lot.

Traditional Clothing of Kargil For Men 

Men wear loose pajamas with a cummerbund tied around their waist. Muslims commonly wear undyed costumes with a Balti cap. Buddhists usually put on brick red robes. Nomads living in Chang Thang wear long and bulky clothes.

Traditional Clothing of Kargil For Women

Women wear a stunning headgear known as perak. The headgear is made of the skin of the lamb. Brocade and silk attires are commonly worn by females.


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