January 24, 2023


Wearing modern attires with exclusive jewelleries has become common these days. Crop tops, nose rings, vibrant skirts and pants can be seen in females to showcase their modern look and broad-minded clothing choices. India, the country of more than 1.33 billion people has been adopted such modern clothing options way back in the old times.

Nose studs are known phuls, whereas salmar kameez is a type of fitted pant with a shirt. Earrings of different types are available in the Indian markets. Belly size blouses like short or crop tops are worn by women with sarees. Lehenga is similar to a long skirt.

Indian trendy clothes are even popular in the Western World. Whether you are in Rajasthan, Punjab, West Bengal, Assam or Kerala, in all corners of India, diverse clothing collections are available to lookout. Modern Indian clothes are inspired by their traditional attires that have unique touch and feel. -Even in large cities like Delhi and Mumbai, women can be seen in semi-modern attires that are inspired by the ethnic touch.

A Visit To Pushkar Mela In Rajasthan

The traditional clothing of Rajasthan for men includes kurta, a loose tunic and dhoti, a drawstring trouser. It is visible viably on my trip to Pushkar Mela. The chain necklace is the traditional jewellery of Rajasthan, which is an emerging fashion trend in the Western World, known as the amulet necklace.

Patola is a weaving technique of Gujarat famous for crating exclusive outfits. This technique designed outfits is also visible in Pushkar Mela. The traditional costumes of India are experimental and fashion designers make their unique styles and patterns to create their unique identity.

Amrapali design of antique silver jewelleries like chokers and long chains are worn by Indian women. It is worn with different traditional outfits that make them look astonishing and embellish them differently.


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